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Gallery Folders

Umber by WhiteDove-Creations
The penguin pony by GrayPaint
Crystal by WhiteDove-Creations
Flutterbat by WhiteDove-Creations
Adoptables and Merchandise
DayLight Adopt OTA - CLOSED by unoriginaI
| com | 100002 MLP Buttons by ArcadianPhoenix
MLP Adopts PayPal (3/3) OPEN by Yutaila
Artisan crafts
Princess Celestia custom Plush by Nazegoreng
Princess Cadance Custom Plush by Nazegoreng
Barley And Caramel Custom Plush (auction) by Nazegoreng
Princess Luna Custom Plush by Nazegoreng
Bases and resources
Chibi Pony Base | OPEN by CatMag
[MLP] Ponysona creation meme by AmberPone
P2U BASE : chibi pony bases by D-Dyee
A New Life Part 7 by PaulySentry
ES' Shorts 040: ''Watcher Lessons'' by EStories
Mlp Eg Wake Up With A Monster Part 83 by Deidrax
Sable Story - Page 21 - The Journey Ahead by TheFriendlyElephant
Critique me
Violeta Pony by AldoBronyJDC
MLP - Timey Wimey page71 by Light262
Changeling OCs with Tricky Fox by MarieDRose
Sunburst by PupperMints
Human and Anthro
MLP FIM - Anthro Fluttershy Pet Project by Joakaha
COMM: Pinkie Hug by PaulySentry
Staring by PaulySentry
Cute Sci-Twi by PaulySentry
[YCH] Pon Pon by broqentoys
MLP FiM: S7 E1/2: Celestial Advice Review by Cuddlepug
MLP Season 6 Lightning Round Reviews Pt. 1 by Sonic2125
[MLP SFM]The Dazzlings by Infernox-Ratchet
Sketchy Revisits: Rarity Investigates by SketchyChangeling
Multiple characters
MLP FIM - Cadence Comfort Twilight Sparkle by Joakaha
Official characters
MLP FIM - Fluttershy Swamp Fever by Joakaha
Original characters
Starry - Uhmm by PrismaticStars
Pie Sisters On A Fortress Of Stone by Mr-Kennedy92
Star Chaser by Bloodatius
Suggestive themed images
TranzmuteProductions by AskBubbleLee
Sorc Art Tips- Expressions: Keeping Eye Shape! by SorcerusHorserus
Wallpapers, themes and Icons
Lovely-bookpony by Laszl
Submission Folder
Iridae (Animated) by Rodrigues404



:star: -Our admins Sort the art and keep our group up and running!

-The Elite artists Are a special class of members appointed for their great artistic skills.

Head admins




Elite artists


Hello members! Sincere apologies for the lack of communication lately.
Your admins have all been super busy. I'm just here to re-post the Submission Guidelines since we've been getting some "off" submissions then and again...

:bulletblue: WHAT WE ACCEPT (and where it'll get sorted) :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen:Featured: best of the best art (literature excluded!)
Tutorials: All Educational images/animations
Bases and Recources: Bases,ready-mades,blank models and Cutie marks (separate folder)
Official characters: All characters from MLP, they all have their own subfolder per category, NO humans and anthros
Original characters (full) OCII: All original characters NO humans and anthros
Multiple characters: for group pictures, +3 characters
Humanized/anthro: for human and anthro characters (separate folders).
Scenery: For environments,houses,and scenery
Artisan crafts: papercrafts,plushies,merchandise,accecories,clothes,sculpts,custom ponies,etc.
Literature: fan-fics,journals, everything to read.
Photography: Ponies in real life,cosplay.
Multimedia: GIF's,FLASH,SWF,music and games.
Comics: Askblog answers,comics,series of images with text on em.
Wallpapers/themes/icons: All wallpapers,icons and customiation, banners and stamps included.
Commissions info: journals or images advertising commissions
Contests: Journals involving contests
Suggestive themed images: everything not family friendly, horror/sexual nature.
misc. : Sort works here that we don't have a category for.

:bulletred: we do NOT accept:

Novice art: Pony creator images, poorly scanned/visible and poorly drawn images,G-mod,memes,screen caps,edited screencaps, pictures with MAJOR anatomic errors.
Porn/Hurtful content: Pornographic content (characters having intercourse) and fetishes (inflation, diaper, bondage, etc), Nazi-ponies, ANTI-alicorn,hasbro or Equestria girls art. Art containing racism, DEstructive criticism.
Non-pony related art and unfinished works!:
NPR, Completely human OCs, WIP


Things have been tough to enforce lately, so I'm sure some of these rules will illicit a "SINCE WHEN?" kind of reaction because people have been getting away with it. But they've been this way since the beginning. We're going to try and get back to roots.


There will be some changes incoming, including to some of the submission guidelines above. The group just cannot continue to be managed as it is now. It's getting more and more difficult. So starting right NOW, we're instigating a submission limit. YOU MAY SUBMIT 1 PIECE OF ART A DAY! This is not the only change, but it's certainly the most needed. I know it's a pain for some, but we have nearly 4000 members. Seriously... your admins need some slack... *keels over dead*


DO NOT donate to our treasury account: DBE-Treasury
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've lost the account information (as well as the computer it was on). Until we can retrieve it, you'll just be donating to a blackhole for points. So keep them for yourself for now. Thank you to those who wish help keep the group running though. We're endlessly grateful for the support.

Hopefully you're all doing well, and we hope you'll stick it out through the transition.
Have a lovely day!
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TOYBITES Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just wondering, do the admins need a helping hoof? ;^;
It's fine if they don't need more, I just thought to ask. ;c;
(1 Reply)
SpellboundCanvas Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Have I submitted a few pics only to have them be expired. Whats going on?
(1 Reply)
ArtfulFoxCustoms Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Is it only the featured things that get put into their category folders? Because if so then that's not fair. I get that you want the best things to be featured, but you have folder for that already. Sorry. I just don't think it seems fair to have categories and have people submit art when the art isn't being sorted.
(1 Reply)
Doctorwholovesthe80s Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I use dollmakers for my MLP art. Is that okay for this group?
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